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MSC Programs
Maritime Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Maritime ISAC)

The Maritime Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Maritime ISAC) is an independent, non-profit entity sponsored and managed by the Maritime Security Council (MSC).  By incorporating the latest technology, systems and qualified personnel, the Maritime ISAC serves as a central industry node for the collection, collation, analysis, storage, and transmission of threat information and incident data.  The Maritime ISAC works with the U.S. and international maritime shipping, seaport, and government regulatory oversight communities as a trusted agent, collecting and analyzing proprietary data (e.g., stowaway rates and locations, drug seizures overseas, terrorist threats etc.), which it then disseminates to participating industry and government constituents. The Maritime ISAC is a member of the National Council of ISACs.

Worldwide Security Threat & Trip Reports
Secure Waters Security Group, a member of the Maritime Security Council, offers a cost-effective solution that will help shipping companies, cargo vessels, and large yachts understand the location of the current hot spots along their route of travel along with other pertinent regional security information.  The intelligence reports are custom tailored to address each client’s route and other specific requirements. The reports can be provided for specific routes and ports, specific regions or general regions of the world and are available through the MSC website, the Secure Waters website, or by telephone. This program is accredited by the MSC. Program Information

Maritime Security Capacity Program
The Maritime Security Council’s (MSC) Security Capacity Programs are designed to provide Contracting Governments and commercial enterprise members (e.g., Ocean Carriers, Terminals, Marinas, Port Authorities, Port Operators, etc.) with a structured security program that focuses on maintaining functional compliance with the applicable security standards and industry best practices. The MSC has developed Country- and Enterprise-Level programs, each of which is tailored to address the specific operational security requirements and challenges associated with the facilities and operations conducted within the geographic area of responsibility.

Maritime Security Professional Certification Program
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